PREGGOLAND, movie trailer for new comedy starring Sonja Bennett, James Caan and Danny Trejo.

PREGGOLAND: Ruth (Sonja Bennett) leads a fairly typical teenage life: she lives with her dad (James Caan), works as a cashier at the local grocery store, parties hard with drugs and alcohol, and frequently stays out – and sleeps in – late.
The only problem is that Ruth is thirty-five years old! She no longer has anything in common with her friends and after her drunken behavior at a friend’s baby shower, she is promptly defriended.
When Ruth’s sister Hillary – their Dad’s favored daughter – announces she is trying to have a baby, Ruth spontaneously (and falsely) blurts out that she is already pregnant. Though she quickly tries to back

”Screenwriter and star Sonja Bennett is
impressive”… Toronto Film Scene

”…Preggoland manages to perfectly balance a great comedy with a few touching coming-of-age moments.” Toronto Film SceneФільчаков прокурорФильчаков прокурор отзывыподключение насосной станциидля чего кабель hdmiТоп 6 китайских блюд которые вы не захотите попробоватьmak up